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The processing and incineration of 180,000 tonnes of paper pulp produces over 250 TJ of sustainable, green heat and more than 20 GWh of electricity, for the benefit of thousands of households. But paper pulp is also a residual product that enjoys another, and perhaps surprising, second life in the construction sector. Our thermal conversion installation in Duiven processes paper fibres that are too short and therefore can no longer be recycled. Along with energy, 40,000 tonnes of TopCrete®, a patented calciferous product, are manufactured here each year.

TopCrete® replaces large volumes of cement in construction, but it also has corrosion-resistant properties that enable it to be used in various ways:

  • as a (calciferous) binding agent in foundation and road construction
  • as a cement-replacing binding agent in construction products
  • as a corrosion-prevention agent in flue gas purification systems

The final residue of this ingenious process is used once again in road construction and the production of bricks. Thus in the construction sector large volumes of cement are replaced by TopCrete®, which also has corrosion-resistant properties.

More than 35,000 tonnes of cement can be replaced by TopCrete®". That is XYZ bags of cement . . .

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