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There are companies that are able to avoid waste or recycle their products. These companies are doing a good job. However, extracting value from residual waste is a different challenge. This requires a particular expertise and that’s what we offer at AVR. We are specialised in the recycling of residual waste and in doing so we complete the circle.

After all, not only domestic waste, but also the waste remaining after the recycling cycle or the industrial process is entitled to a new start.

Using the energy generated in our incineration process we can heat around 160,000 homes.

We make the difference by taking not only 1.7 million tons of domestic residual waste from consumers and companies, but also waste wood and chemical waste (water) from industry each year and converting these into energy and resources. The difference is clear: when paper can no longer be recycled, we turn it into energy and a lime product for use in construction. In this way paper can still be usefully employed, even after it has been recycled. Also, by purifying flue gases, we recuperate precious metals from industrial waste water. Using the energy generated in our incineration process we can heat around 160,000 homes, not to mention hospitals, offices and swimming pools in Rotterdam, Arnhem, Duiven and the surrounding area. Equally, the paving stones incorporating recycled bottom ash are enough to renew a surface equivalent to 400 football fields every year.

These are all examples of how we bring together the resources and energy challenge by breathing valuable new life into various types of residual waste. We are convinced that incineration and recycling go hand in hand. Together we can help to enable the transition towards both a sustainable and a clean circular economy.


Did you know that:

  • 1 PetaJoule (PJ) is the heat that almost 30,000 households consume in one year - by way of comparison: 30 million cubic metres of natural gas would otherwise be necessary to achieve this
  • The Netherlands has a waste processing capacity of 8 m tonnes, with AVR accounting for 1.7 m tonnes of that (21%)
  • 1 in 5 garbage bags from households and companies end up at AVR: in 2014, 6 m tonnes of residual waste were generated in the Netherlands, of which AVR processed 870 k tonnes of household waste and 350 k tonnes of commercial waste (20% in all)  
  • 1 bag of waste produces enough energy to take 7 showers
  • Each year 400,000 football fields could be paved with the paving stones from our residual products
  • By capturing 50 k tonnes of CO₂, each year we save as much fossil fuels as would 450,000 solar panels (110 kg of CO₂ per solar panel per year)
  • In 2015, the total energy production of AVR amounted to 6.5 PJ (6,484 TJ) for steam/heat and 560 GWh for electricity
  • Each year the energy produced by AVR can provide 200,000 average households with electricity (Den Haag has 255,000 households) and 160,000 average households with heat (Utrecht has 160,000 households)