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We deliver high-pressure process steam directly to industrial customers, such as Tronox or EKC, in the port of Rotterdam. These two chemical companies are physically connected to AVR via a steam pipe that is over two kilometres long. They therefore rely on AVR for their production process, and we naturally see it as imperative to assure maximum availability. Thanks to the heat AVR produces, each year these companies achieve a CO₂ reduction of 130 k tonnes compared to their earlier gas boilers. Every household emits 23 tonnes CO2 each year.  With the CO2 savings from steam we thus enable minimal 5600 households to go through life CO2-neutrally…

AVR can expand its steam supply in the port and connect other companies in the Botlek area.

In the long run, expanding the process steam network will assure a CO₂ reduction of no less than 400,000 tonnes per year - a very tangible contribution to meeting the Dutch climate objectives, and those of Rotterdam in particular. A survey of the steam supply possibilities is also being done in Duiven, and it appears that industrial companies wishing to set up there can achieve major advantages through synergy with AVR.

Thanks to AVR´s good location, major environmental savings are within arm´s reach.