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From our research in 2015 we know that we can harness CO2 and use this as a high quality product for glass construction and in horticulture. This is a real win- win situation. For AVR this means we can become a carbon neutral operation over time, and for the glass construction industry and horticulture that the CO2 required no longer needs to be taken from fossil fuels. We are currently investigating the possibility to store residual heat under the ground in the summer in order to utilise this heat later during the winter months.

For us innovation is crucial, as new technology makes it possible to extract even more value
from residual waste. Together with national and international partners, including universities, we are looking to see how we can be more efficient in actively recuperating previous metals such as aluminium, copper, zinc or antimony from the ashes collected in our dust filters. ‘Don’t just think it, do it!’. That’s our motto.

For AVR this means it can become a carbon neutral operation over time.