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AVR has adapted over the years. We have become sufficiently flexible to process various kinds of residual waste and, more and more, we adapt our energy supply to the clients' demands and society wanting to substitute fossil fuels with sustainable energy.

Flexible in residual waste

We accept and process various types of residual waste, for example residual waste from the UK and hazardous waste from companies. Good waste treatment requires knowledge of the nature and the composition of the residual waste and flexible logistics. By combining different types of waste, we create a homogenous composition and a stable fuel. This flexibility allows us to recover all energy from the residual waste.

AVR is also flexible because of its many transfer stations and the various ways in which we can accept waste. This enables us to adjust to the clients' wishes.


Flexible in energy

AVR has been expanding the types of energy it provides. For example, in addition to electricity, we now also offer steam and heating to both industry and cities. Meeting the energy demand using the three types of energy is becoming increasingly complex, in part because there are multiple sources of energy and multiple clients. So we came up with an innovative solution: the Energy Desk.

The Energy Desk directs our heating hub; 24/7, it allows us to tailor the demand for energy to the maximum energy volume recovered from residual waste. This requires incredible flexibility from the plant and our logistical operations: when and how does waste arrive, how much stock do we need to meet the peak demand?

The seasons also influence the demand for energy. For example, we produce more heat during the winter and more electricity during the summer. The AVR site has a giant 'water buffer' which is used during the night to buffer energy for the morning, when people wake up.

AVR is always looking for flexible solutions and new developments. The thermal storage project is a good example. Hot water can be stored under pressure far below the surface under an insulating layer of clay. We are currently researching the potential of this application together with TNO, because it can significantly increase our thermal storage capacity.

We deliver energy where it's needed. Our ‘Energy Desk’ matches supply and demand 24/7.