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The incineration of residual waste makes it possible to generate steam, with which we heat water after the electricity production. This heat finds its way to many houses, offices, hospitals and swimming pools. This system demands great flexibility on AVR’s part, since all of these buyers are naturally counting on an uninterrupted supply of heat from us.

In 2015 AVR delivered over 1,400 GWh (more than 5,100 TJ) of heat to heating networks in Rotterdam and the region of Arnhem. This makes AVR one of the largest sustainable district heating producers of the Netherlands. This enormous quantity of heat goes to around 160,000 home equivalents. They are connected to one of the heating networks of Nuon, Eneco or WBR. Currently AVR is working together with the South Holland Province in order to create a heat roundabout from Rotterdam to The Hague and for the greenhouse farming sector in the Westland.

The heat that AVR delivers is largely sustainable and green heat. The plant that processes paper fibres into TopCrete® and energy delivers 100% green and sustainable heat. Starting in 2018, the other Biomass Power Plant will also be connected to the heating network, with which 100% renewable heat will also be delivered.

By using this heat, AVR each year prevents the emission of more than 324 k tonnes of CO2 due to gas consumption in households*. If one solar panel saves around 100 kg of CO2 per year, the amount AVR is saving by supplying heat is equivalent to three million solar panels. That’s like 280 football fields the size of the De Kuip or Gelredome stadiums covered with solar panels.

*Conversion factor see the European EpE and the Dutch Waste Management Association: 62.8 kg CO2/GJ for heat supply.

We´re proud of our status as the largest sustainable district heating producer in the Netherlands.