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AVR is constantly working on new solutions to perform waste processing in a climate-neutral manner. Flue gases are purified thanks to our major investments in a clean process. Harmful substances are removed so they don’t end up in the environment. 8 to 10% of the flue gases is still CO2, and over half of that is of biogenic or climate-neutral origin (CO2 coming from vegetable, fruit and garden wastes, wood, paper).

The CO2 we emit comes from the residual waste that is produced by society. Making heat and electricity out of it for industry and the city reduces the demand for fossil fuels and we achieve a CO2 reduction in the chain. Supplying the metals that are recovered from the bottom ash and extracting valuable metals from the residual waste also reduce the demand for fossil fuels. As a result, we have already for a considerable time now been reducing large amounts of CO2 emission per year

Every year our heating projects in the Netherlands alone prevent more than 324 k tonnes of CO2 emissions. That´s more than 600 football fields covered with solar panels!   

We are going to capture another part of the CO2 we produce and will supply it within a few years to the greenhouse farming sector, which in the Netherlands consumes 3 million tonnes of CO2 each year. Together with heat they require CO2 in order to make their plants, fruit and vegetables grow. For them CO2 is a necessary product and one that we can deliver. A pilot project is currently running on capturing CO2, together withTNO. In 2018 we expect to deliver more than 50 k tonnes of it from AVR Duiven, and it would be possible to expand this to Rozenburg! For AVR, this project is also a major step towards being able to work in a climate-neutral manner.

There are still a few steps to go, but it looks like our ambition will be fulfilled! We’re looking for partners who can help us further. Interested? Contact us!