10 Jun 2016 AVR sees paving stones in waste.

Thrilling music, a car that stops in front of a theater, sidewalk tiles late to be removed at night ... What is going on here ? This thought went through the audience Waste & Recycling Industry Seminar held in early June at the Wenneker Theater in Schiedam. Would go to the sidewalk to see the door of the theater ?


Unsuspecting participants of the congress had entered the conscious sidewalk . Ignorant of the nightly action of AVR. The ordinary tiles were the night before as a surprise replaced by renewable tiles, the AVR bottom ash created by the company Heros . The paving stones are a proof that not only energy, but also raw materials sit in waste. Material that deserves a new life - and is just as beautiful.


AVR sees paving stones in waste. And the film proves: Hiker on the sidewalk sees no difference.