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The residual waste that is placed along the street every day furnishes huge amounts of energy. 1 bag of waste contains enough energy for taking 7 showers. And that’s just a little example of the energy/value contained in residual waste.  

AVR makes a valuable contribution in many ways to the sustainable energy transition by constantly innovating in the area of sustainable energy (heat, steam and electricity) and CO2. AVR is thus delighted to be working in the coming years as partner together with the National Government and the Provinces to fulfil the national and local sustainable energy and climate ambitions.


Sustainable energy in the Netherlands

During the 2015 climate summit, all countries agreed that by 2050 the emissions of CO2 worldwide should be reduced by 80-95%. One of the things this means is that the energy we use daily must be generated in a clean and sustainable way, by making less use of fossil fuels such as coal. To achieve this, we will have to switch over to sustainable forms of energy. Energy from wind, sun and water. And from residual waste. It exists, and although the origin and composition may change, there will always be residual waste. It isn´t something that has to be mined or extracted or dug up to serve as energy. It is the residual product of our society. The energy that is contained in the residual waste mustn´t be wasted.

The Netherlands is working on meeting the targets specified in the energy agreement. It was agreed with almost all parties that 16% of our energy will be either renewable or sustainably generated by 2023. The energy from a waste-to-energy plant contributes to fulfilling these objectives, because approximately 55% of the waste comes from bioproducts.   

In 2014, 111 PJ (i.e. 5.6%) of the energy consumption in the Netherlands was renewable. 17% of the renewable energy comes from all waste-to-energy plants. This is a substantial contribution, nearly as much energy as that produced by all the windmills in the Netherlands combined.

AVR processes not only household and commercial waste, but also paper pulp residue and waste wood. 100% green and sustainable energy is generated from these residues. This energy, for example heat, is supplied together with the residual heat. The energy mix of AVR is composed in total of 60% green and sustainable energy (4.5 PJ of the 8.7 PJ). With this quantity of energy we heated around 160,000 households and supplied 200,000 houses with electricity.

CO2 reduction

By supplying energy, a far-reaching CO2 reduction is achieved in the entire chain from AVR to society. This occurs because the city of Rotterdam, for example, has shut down its gas-fired power plant in the north because it receives heat from AVR. The two customers also no longer need their gas-fired heat. Through this savings and including the development of CO2 capture and reuse, AVR is working on fulfilling its ambition of ultimately processing waste in a CO2-neutral manner.


More energy from AVR

In the Netherlands, all waste-to-energy plants have the possibility of supplying more energy by making smart connections.

AVR is working hard on new initiatives to increase our contribution to the energy agreement:

  • Heat storage at AVR Duiven. Together with TNO, we are studying how we can store heat in the summer underground in order to then use it in the winter.
  • We are working on connecting our biomass plant to the steam and heat infrastructure. At present 100% green electricity is supplied to the network from this plant, but as of 2018 it will also produce sustainable heat and steam for customers and the city of Rotterdam.
  • Together with 27 other partners, we are working intensively on the development of the heat roundabout for the South Holland Province.
  • AVR contributes to the Gelders Energy Agreement, whereby in cooperation with all parties the energy transition is being implemented and concrete projects are being introduced.


Our scale and power plant experience

When you visit us, you´ll see that in recent years we’ve developed into a top-quality power plant. Gleaming pipes, an energy desk, heat exchangers, a heat buffer and everything on a large scale!